Why Kotlin not good for me?

Even though Kotlin is better than Java in many points it still has significant (in my opinion) drawbacks.

Disadvantage of Kotlin

No namespaces

Kotlin allows you to define functions and properties at the top level of your files. That’s a great feature, but it can cause some confusion when combined with the fact that all top level declarations are referenced unqualified from Kotlin. This can sometimes make it difficult to tell what a function is when reading one of its usages.

No static modifier

Following on the previous point, Kotlin has unusual handling of static function and property declarations that are called from Java. It’s not bad, but it feels dirtier than necessary. For example, the Android View class defines some static constants like View.VISIBLE and static methods like View.inflate

Required property accessor syntax

Kotlin has the great syntactic sugar called “property accessor syntax” that allows you to call JavaBeans-style getters and setters as if they were a Kotlin property. So for example, you can call the Activity.getContext() method by writing activity.context instead of writing the whole method name. If you use the actual method call in Kotlin, you will get a lint warning telling you to use the property syntax instead.

SAM conversion and Unit returning lambdas

This one is a really baffling design decision.

One of the best features of Kotlin is the way it embraces lambda functions. If you have a Java function that takes a SAM interface as a parameter (an interface with a Single Abstract Method):

Source: Disadvantage of Kotlin : You must know before use


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